Be Your Best Bootcamp

BYB Bootcamp is an interval based workout that will be in a non intimidating, fun, safe environment. It will induce fat loss while maintaining a friendly community and team feel.

All fitness levels are welcome as modifications will be provided. Every fitness session will be designed to maximize your results by using functional training. This incorporates multi-joint and multi-planar exercises within multi-set combinations to challenge the body as a whole.

The length of each workout is 45 minutes in order to fit it into your busy day and stay dedicated to balancing family life and your health. Come work as a group, using support and energy to attain your goals to be your best. Class sizes will be capped to ensure integrity of your performance and safety.

Classes are held at Calgary West Soccer Center 11014 Bearspaw Dam Road N. W Calgary, Alberta

45 Min Fitness Class

Co-ed early morning classes to get your day started right.

New Life Style

Enjoy non intimidating, fun, exercise in a safe environment.

Affordable Prices

BYB Bootcamp offers several pricing options for everyone.

Functional Training

All fitness levels, work-out with expert instruction.

Be Your Best Bootcamp Instructor

Ameira Steidl- Fitness InstructorHi, I am, Ameira Steidl. I'm in my forties and a mother of 3 busy children. Like you, I was finding it hard to balance my family's busy schedule and keep up my own commitment to being fit and healthy.

That's why I am offering this opportunity for you to join me in finding the balance.

For over 20 years I've been an AFLCA Fitness Leader and 7 years ago I also took my Personal Trainer certification. Other certifications include: 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, Level A Yoga 4 Kids, Spin Instructor and Diploma in Recreation Therapy. I believe in teaching people how to find that balance between a busy lifestyle and staying fit in order to feel your best. Come join me.

Experienced Instructor

  • 20 Years Experience
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Spin Instructor
  • Diploma Recreational Therapy

BYB Bootcamp Work Out

Class Description: Short warm-up and demonstration of the exercises. 35 minutes of work. Short stretch and cool down. 45 minutes total class time enables you to get your workout done for the day and still be able to complete everything else on your list for the day! Every class will be designed to keep your interest every day will be a different workout. Several types of interval training will be used such as: HIIT, Tabata, Pyramid. What makes interval training so effective? It enables greater exposure to more intensive training without the excess fatigue. Interval training involves alternating periods of activity and recovery.

The Benefits: Maximizes fat burning, and muscle building. Increased calorie burn after workouts. Maximum benefits in a shorter workout.

Pricing and Class Times

Week Unlimited Trial

$25.00 / One time week
  • September- June
  • 6:15 am Monday / Wednesday / Friday
  • 9:15 am Monday/Wednesday/ Friday
  • Additional class times will be added upon need

3 Days Week

$120.00 / Month
  • September- June
  • 6:15 am Monday - Friday
  • 9:15 am Monday/Wednesday/ Friday
  • Additional class times will be added upon need

2 Days Week

$96.00 / Month
  • September - June
  • 6:15 am Monday - Friday
  • 9:15 am Monday / Wednesday / Friday
  • Additional class times will be added upon need


10 Punch Card Pass

$140.00 / 10 Classes
  • September - June
  • 5:30 am Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • 6:15 am Monday - Friday
  • 9:15 am Monday/Wednesday/ Friday
  • Additional class times will be added upon need

BYB Bootcamp In Action